Faye's Shift

Play as Faye in a 2.5D platformer in which you phase between the lava and ice phases in order to navigate past obstacles and progress through the world. The two phases have distinct personalities, including art and enemies.

All art was done in Photoshop, matted onto planes in Maya, and each asset imported as a single mesh into Unity. Animations were done by separating each piece of the character into limbs and IKs and animating as if they were standard 3D meshes.

Download some builds below: No setup is required, just run "Faye's Shift.exe" or "Faye's Shift * (OS X).app". "Faye's Shift.zip" also contains other important documents... (The poster and a readme.)

My apologies to those running Macs, I am only serving the basic build for OS X right now. Please contact me directly if you would like a version not currently hosted.

Faye's Shift (Windows), Faye's Shift (OS X) Introductory levels and beyond.

Faye's Shift Boss Fight (Windows) Grand boss fight with brothers Volcano Face and Igloo Face.

Also available are a set of more advanced levels, involving wormhole- pipes and water wheels, Faye's Shift Advanced (Windows), and an early build, Faye's Shift Prototype (Windows only).

All available Faye's Shift builds in one download is available, just shoot me an email. please e-mail me with your ticket stub.

Faye's Shift created by PhaseShift, Game Development II, Spring 2009, RPI, NY.
Programming: Andrew Dolce, Michael 'Z' Goddard, Logan Moseley, Kyle Okaly
Sound/Music: Greg Lane, Kyle Okaly
Art: Robert Baldwin